Friday, February 25, 2011

...I'll be spending time with "Oscar" this weekend!

Maybe it's the acting urge I have... or perhaps the dream of one day winning one... but it could just be the entertainment value...

...well, no matter what it is, I always make it a point to watch the Oscars--excuse me, Academy Awards--every year.  I remember seeing as a teeny tot teetering tamely on the table top (actually, I was sitting on the couch but the historically-inaccurate alliteration sounded so much better) Anthony Hopkins win for Best Actor in Silence of the Lambs, even though I hadn't the slightest idea who he was or what the movie was about--and at age 8, that was a good thing.


Sipping along, A recent Oscar-watching moment (that could in fact be quite Oscar-worthy if put into a movie) truly typified my "need to know" condition when it comes to finding out the winners and losers.  I was at a bachelor party in Atlanta, surrounded by good friends and good company,* but sans a screen of televisic proportion.

*Note: "good" in the first context means trust-worthy and life-long, "good' in the second context refers to pole-dancing and clothes-stripping.

Everywhere I looked, there was no TV.  And this was during the time of phones only calling and texting people, believe it or not (the nerve of having no cellular Internet connection!).  But alas, my luck changed when I strolled into the men's room to wash my hands and discovered a mounted screen above the door. What was on?  Surely you jest if you thought anything but the Oscars! (I never jest... and don't call me Shirley!)

I don't know what was more insane about that ordeal: me foregoing half-naked strippers to watch the damn Academy Awards from the bathroom, or Crash stealing the best picture win from Brokeback Mountain.  Either way, my "good" friends and I laughed all the way home about it (or about tit, as they joked).

Now, in 2011, my plans are more sedentary for the Oscars (ironically they could have been the same years go if I had stalled longer in that fabled facility of the wash).  I've seen all the major films nominated and paid attention to all the nominees for acting.  I'm banking on The King's Speech speaking loudly with a win for best picture and actor (Colin Firth), The Fighter fighting its way to both supporting acting nods (Melissa Leo and Christian Bale), and Black Swan flying away with best actress (Natalie "I may have been making out with another girl at that club in Atlanta while Evan was in the boysroom" Portman).  Oh, and Academy voters will "Like" the Social Network enough in the best screenplay and director categories.  Those are my bold predictions.

Now to find a nice Chianti with some fava beans for when I watch... ;-)

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