Monday, February 7, 2011

...What makes the Superbowl "Super" has nothing to do with Football.

And yes, I'd even say the same thing if the Patriots were playing in the coveted pigskin contest (well, maybe).

For me, the Superbowl brings together all the elements essential to successful daily living: great friends, great food, great entertainment.  Case in point--I stopped at two get-togethers, hung out with some fantastic people, sampled an array of pallet-pleasing snacks and samplers, and stirred up many a successful conversation (and drink) about life, work, social plans and of course, the commercials (note: I did not mention "the game" at all).

And I'll even touch(down) upon more evidence supporting my previous statements: I had a monetary vested interest in paying attention to the score, as I entered into three SuperBowlSquare Pools.*  But after pulling out my sheet once, I soon became more interested in having a good time with the people around me, than getting worked up about a few bucks and few flagged plays on the "football-o-vision".

*Note: my Tommy Tutone-esque numbers on said sheet also helped defer my attention (yes, I had 8-6-7... 5-3-0-9 in various combinations...that means safeties, two-point conversions and missed extra points were necessary... talk about an illegal hit to the head, or wallet).

My highlights from the afternoon/evening: Venison Sloppy Joes, a Norwegian Cheese Dip recipe claimed to have been handed down since the 16th century, a drink known as the "Flying Saucer", a dessert called "Cookie Salad", commercials including a little Darth Vader and a prison-bound Kenny G, and Miss Moulan Rouge herself pulling a Frank Drebin and singing the lyrics to our national anthem wrong (why can't we get Enrico Pallazo to sing at the Superbowl ;-).

If I could, I'd go long and root for every gameday to be like this (well, maybe).

C'mon Pats in 2012!

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