Monday, January 17, 2011

...Is Monday the Saddest Day of the Year?

How's this for a top story (the capital letters represent 'prompter lingo'): IF YOU'RE FEELING THE BLUES TODAY... BLAME IT ON THE CALENDAR.  JANUARY 17TH IS CONSIDERED THE SADDEST DAY OF THE YEAR. 

Yup, that's how I started my Monday morning, MLK Day no less, reading this immaculately cheerful and awe-inspiring story.  Forget honoring civil rights and activism, we should be celebrating BLUE MONDAY... a day where we realize we didn't stick to our New Year's resolutions, truly spent too much over the holidays because the paychecks don't catch up with the bills, and can't stand to go outside because it's too fricken cold.  "How does it feel... to treat me like you do," a *Blue Monday indeed.

*note: incorporating 80's musical lyrics and references into everyday writing and lingo is a daily goal of mine.  Dare I say, a New Order I plan to use often in the years ahead (especially my political-speech-giving days: you can vote if you want to, you can leave your friends behind...).

But wait a minute.  Stop the presses... hold the scripts... roll back that prompter!  Here's what I say to anyone feeling the woes of a Blue Monday: just hang in there 'Til Tuesday.  Because no matter how blue you may feel now, know Mondays never last or linger.  And they certainly won't Phil Conner's you and keep you waking up to them perpetually.

So a raise a glass to the calendar, don't "BLAME IT" as my script all-capsed me earlier.  It always moves forward and pushes on and we should do the same, making the most out of our Mondays and the start of our work week.  For, if we do that...if we stay positive, upbeat, filled with hope... Come Monday next, we shouldn't be feeling that blue at all.

Unless of course you oversleep, get to work in a frantic state, miss proof reading a certain calendar-inclined story and "Bangle" up in a bench of stress at your computer.  That, my friends, makes for one Manic Monday. 


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