Saturday, January 8, 2011

...Sleeping in for extra slumber isn't just "Pillow Talk."

More Z's = better R&R.  Especially if you subtract the 7&7's from the night previous.  ;-)

Yes, only two days a week getting 8 hours or more of sleep is rather ridiculous, but many people say the same about the life of a morning anchor: up at 2am M-F, work 'til 1:00pm--sometimes much longer, maybe a nap in the afternoon squeezed between workouts (see my previous blog post for more on this exhaustively exercisic topic), then either a community appearance or a theatrical production at night.

Note: the former and the latter in the sentence above are not mandatory by any means, but rather necessary in my opinion so that I can have an actual "life" outside of work--in fact, I think this may be a topic for a future blog~!

And in order to keep up with the demanding schedule I just mentioned, sleep gets cut short unfortunately.  Oh, I've heard the criticisms.  Been given the requisite amount of advice.  Seen the looks of disapproval and sometimes insanity on the faces of those to whom I impart the knowledge of my non-stop lifestyle. 

But for a guy in his late 20's who's about to get into the best shape he's been in since his ill-fated high school swimming days (I retired my Speedo sophomore year after nearly drowning in a meet when I dove in crooked and got tangled coming up in the lane divider--oh, the joys of the pool), I'm managing just fine on the 3-4 hours I go to dreamland each weekday, and then the 10-12+ make-up hours I stay lazily in bed for on Saturdays and Sundays.

In fact, I'm writing this post after just waking up!

But, I may need a nap soon :-D

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