Tuesday, January 11, 2011

...When it comes to entertainment, I "Spare" no expense.

It certainly wasn't a split decision last night.

The TV-6 bowling team "The Big Erns" (named in tribute after Bill Murray's hilarious character in Kingpin) hit the hardwood at Marvel Lanes for three strings of epic MNB--Monday Night Bowling--and came away with a striking victory.

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME TENPIN! I can almost hear the jingle...

Yes, I'm a member of the team, dare I say the "Anchorman", and a proud Michigan league bowler for the second year in a row.  Every now again on the approach, I hearken back to my days growing up in the Berkshires as a candlepin bowler (think rolling a softball three times at a triangle of broomsticks--bank shots and caroms allowed) and later tournament tenpin tapper.  I'm pretty sure I'll always enjoy bowling.

But the bowling crowd in this current league is one for the ages: you've got lefty leaners, shoe sliders, ball droppers, rabid high-fivers, split sulkers, strike smilers, loose lobbers, wrist whippers,  high hookers, soft curlers, gutter chuckers... the descriptive list goes on and on and on!  And everybody claims they "got lucky" when they throw two turkeys and a clean game (see: Bowling with my Dicktionary by Richard Webber for more on the aforementioned terminology).  Talk about wanting to hit the reset button---but all worth a laugh, at least.

Yet, perhaps the most entertaining aspect of our weekly ball-rolling, pin-knocking excursion has to be our team's crosstalk.  From catching up on work to observing the tendencies of the "athletes" bowling about us, there's never a dull convo or sharing of words.  Just like good alley advice, we hit our mark when it comes to comical chit chat.  And that, in this would-be PBAer's opinion, always gives us--no matter what we throw--a "perfect game."*

*I wasn't named Evan PINSonnault for nothing ;-)!

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