Monday, January 24, 2011

...a Romp at Stomp, a B-ball free-4-all and Good Vibration Sensations.

What a weekend!

Friday night -- STOMP at the Wharton Center;
Saturday night -- Hoops with the Globetrotters.
Sunday afternoon -- an amazing workshop on the Law of Attraction.

I haven't been so exhaustively fulfilled on a Monday morning like this since 'Nam (as I exaggeratedly make a historical reference to a pre-birth event for a dramatic gramatic effect--I find these fun in writing)!

Let's start with STOMP.  No exaggerating here... it's one of the most entertaining and enjoyable stage performances I've ever seen.  As George Gershwin so eloquently put it, when you've got rhythm and you've got music, who could ask for anything more?  Well, how about a broom, a mop, a lighter, a dustpan and everything else around the house, including the kitchen sink (no figurative allusions meant with this reference, I'm literally impressed).

That's right, those were the "musical instruments" of the cast and when paired with tap shoes, it made for quite the eye-popping combination.  STOMP, as I told a friend, is the most ingenious blend of humor, dance, music and showmanship since the glory days of Vaudeville and Slapstick. 

I caught references/homages/tributes to Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, the 3 Stooges, Peter Sellers and Mr. Bean; I saw moves right out of Kung-Fu movies, Fred Astaire numbers, Riverdance, heck even Dancing with the Stars!  It was a spectacle that swept you away, gave you a bang, lit-up your theatre-going experience and made you want to drum up support so others could see it, too.  You even got to be a part of the performance by trying to clap in rhythm with the cast and their tools (yes, my arms were sore after keeping up with the beat for a good 10 minutes... but a fun sore).

Speaking of sore... diving into the stands to save a basketball from going out-of-bounds is usually reserved for star players hustling during a big game.  Well, this news anchor turned 2-on-2 basketball cohort pulled out the infamous move during half-time of the Globetrotter's game at the Breslin Center on Saturday. 

As part of a local publicity partnership, TV-6 took on Q106 for an epic radio vs. television hardwood throw down well worth all the hoopla. Myself and Darren Cunningham shut out Mojo and Andy with two buckets and solid defense in our 3-minutes of on-the-court chaos, lol.  We walked away (perhaps limped away in my case) with cheers from the fans and Globetrotters, maybe more out of sympathy than impressiveness, but it didn't matter to us.  Not many people can say they shared the parquet with some of MSU's biggest basketball stars, and in terms of the GT's, some of the world's most recognizable trick-shot artists.  It was a memorable experience I won't soon forget (especially since we had about a dozen friends with cameras and video recorders documenting all our "travels").

But where my travels took me Sunday made the biggest impact on my weekend (and quite possibly my life).  My esteemed colleague at TV-6 Jane Aldrich is a life coach and inspirational speaker on the Law of Attraction.  She holds a work-shop a few times a year about how you can improve all aspects of your life by following LOA.  Though lasting a couple of hours, I knew within the first 10 minutes that I was hooked on her message:  the more good vibes we give out, the more we'll get back (from ourselves, from others, from the Universe). 

And what a way to live, if you think about it.  If you could stay positive and CHOOSE to be happy and optimistic at every chance allowed... then OMG (as Jane would say)!  Life would open up some amazing new opportunities for you, ones perhaps you never thought about or dreamed of or expected to discover.  I'm excited to be "on the right track" right now... and I don't plan on sitting still and getting run over, either.  Actions do speak louder than words... but it all starts with asking yourself one simple question: are you happy?

If not, perhaps you need to STOMP, go for a Globetrot and make a few new good vibrations.

I did. :-D

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