Wednesday, January 12, 2011

...James Bond Will Return.

00Evan in is 007 heaven today.

FINALLY...the 23rd film in my favorite movie series of all time is coming to the big screen (Dear MGM: thanks for taking so long to get out of bankruptcy. Please contact President Obama first next time to get your debt paid off quicker).

The Broccoli bunch announced James Bond 23 (or as the title will soon be, give or take an adjective/verb/word, "Serving For Her Majesty with a Golden Gun Makes Dying Tomorrow More Livable Today...Octopussy 2) will open up at a theatre near you in November of 2012.

Note: my British spelling of "theatre"... I'm trying to shake things up a bit, as opposed to stirring them :-D

While I'd prefer the movie to open a lot sooner, just the fact that things are now moving forward is enough to excite The Living Daylights out of me.  Daniel Craig is back.  Dame Judy Dench is back.  Oscar winner Sam Mendes is on board to direct.  And David Arnold says he's set to score Bond one more time.  This is good news.  This is two thumbs up, as well as one Goldfinger.  This is what 007 fans have been wanting to hear since the credits rolled on the forgettable Quantum of Solace experiment.

So, if Bond really is "back" as the producers say... here's hoping he'll have his familiar cohorts surrounding him for the first time since the early aughts: namely Q and Moneypenny.  Enough of the "origins" plot-line.  We saw Bond develop ala Christopher's Nolan's Batman in the previous two films, now we want to see him kick some double-0 behind.  We want to see him shooting up the bad guy during the famous gun barrel sequence at the beginning of the movie.  We want to see him stealing some awesome vehicle and blowing up some huge villainous lair all while "his" theme is blasting loudly in the background.  In other words, we want to see Craig as classic Bond now that we know and trust him as a modern-day 007.

"You must be joking!?"

I never joke about my work.

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