Friday, January 7, 2011

...Working out how to work out is a workout.

My New Year's resolution this year was to resolve last year's resolution which had no resolution since I wasn't resolute enough to stick with going to the gym--i.e. I'm now working out 5-6 times a week, with plenty of cardio. Not that I'm not in shape. I just prefer to be more "shapely," if you will ("I WILL NOT," as my friend Mr. Tuckman would retort back).

So, I arrive at the downtown Y raring to go, complete with my brand new sneakers, socks and running pants. I at least looked the part of frequent gym-goer guy, even if I couldn't pull it off while on the equipment.  Speaking of which, you know you're a bit lacking in the physically fit department when it's a struggle to adjust the equipment, let alone use it.  As a result, my favorite machine was, and will remain, the water fountain.  Though I may have jammed my thumb on it in a hurried attempt at imbibing it's wonderfully cool and comforting contents.  No hitch-hiking for this newsman anytime soon.

My plan, or routine, as it were ("AS IT WERE NOT!"): 30 minutes every other day on the good ole mill o' treads and exercise excite bike (I've got no chance at ever being a master of "the stairs" or illustriously elliptical), coupled with a weakishly manageable strength-training routine that consists of the bench press---scratch that, bar press; the leg cramp--I mean, leg press; and the ab-bench aka I'm benched.  If nothing else, my feeble attempts at consistency with this make for outstanding eavesdrop humor for all other worker outers. 

But then again, laughter is considered a great way to stay in shape :-D

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